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My Favorite Websites for CHEAP flights

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

Think travel is expensive?

It doesn't have to be!

One of the most costly parts of travel is transportation, so taking the time to search for a good flight deal could save you hundreds of dollars that are better spent on your next adventure!

Let me show you where I go to find the cheapest flights and best travel deals.

My ALL-TIME favorite site for crazy cheap flight deals is Secret They post tons of flight deals and airline error fares. This is where I got my flights to Tokyo for $70.

Take some time to look around the site and check out the great deals. You'll be amazed at all the amazing places you can go to and how accessible the world is.

Pro tip: if you see a great deal to a place you hadn't previously considered take the time to learn a little about it! You may find that it has exactly what you're looking for, the world is a big place and I'm constantly learning about new places to add to my bucket list. My favorite country I've traveled to so far (Colombia) was found this way.

While exploring the website you'll probably see some error fares. They expire really quickly so if you want to be sure to catch new postings as soon as possible download the Secret Flying app or follow them on Facebook where they post new deals in real-time.

If secret flying doesn't have what I'm looking for right now I go to

Use the explore feature to see where in the world you can fly for the cheapest.

It has features like Google Flights where you can filter your search results to fit your budget and dates, but I like it even better. On Momondo they even let you sort results by what type of vacation you're looking for. E.g: beach, city, mountain, etc.


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